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Agile Transformation Consulting is agile expertise to achieve an agile transformation for any organisation. As a focused package, Agile Transformation Kick-Start sets you off in the right direction and gain momentum. Agile Transformation Consulting maintains this momentum, hence keeping the organisation, leaders, teams and individuals focused on the outcomes required for business agility.


Agile Transformation Consulting has the following key activities:

  • Communications across the organisation keeps people aligned with outcomes.
  • Addressing blockers to progress helps people to make change.
  • Evolving the roadmap for change, so that people respond to change.
  • Building confidence across the organisation means that people take ownership of future change.


Achieving an agile transformation requires investment and initial decisions are therefore key to future success. Agile consulting ensures key stakeholders remain engaged because people are guided and challenged to ensure good alignment between parts of the organisation.


Working with Agility in Mind through a package of Agile Transformation Consulting will therefore mean:

  • Our experience supports change.
  • We help to address and remove blockers.
  • People take ownership of continuous improvement.
  • There is access to expert agile transformation advice from an experienced agile consulting team.
  • We assure success by avoiding typical issues and problems.
  • Progress is achieved and maintained, so that those involved stay motivated.
  • Benefits are delivered early, therefore ensuring return on investment.

Agile Transformation Consulting is organised and completed quickly due to Agility in Mind’s unique and highly flexible agile consulting and delivery model.

Agile Transformation Consulting Case Study References:

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