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Agile Transformation Kick-Start is a focused package of agile consulting and expert advice. We set you off in the right direction hence gaining momentum quickly, which means your organisation achieves the greatest return on investment from an agile transformation. This can be the either start of an Agile Transformation Consulting package from Agility in Mind, or a discrete package in a broader programme.



An Agile Transformation Kick-Start has the following key activities:

  • A workshop or workshops, to ensure key people are aligned with the vision for the agile transformation
  • Then, an assessment of current working practises, identifying opportunities for change
  • Finally, a roadmap for change to become a transformed agile organisation with business agility at its core


Achieving an agile transformation requires investment therefore the initial decisions are key to success. Stakeholders make the best investment decisions due to their involvement in the Agile Transformation Kick-Start. They are guided and challenged to ensure that there is good alignment between different parts of the organisation and the goals are clearly understood.


Working with Agility in Mind on an Agile Transformation Kick-Start means:

  • Agile Kick-Start document outlining the current working practises, identified opportunities and recommendations for immediate implementation
  • There is immediate access to expert agile advice from an experienced agile consulting team
  • Typical issues and problems avoided, helping to ensure success
  • Establishing progress quickly so that those involved stay motivated
  • Achieving return on investment and early delivery of benefits

An Agile Transformation Kick-Start is organised and completed quickly due to Agility in Mind’s unique and highly flexible agile consulting and delivery model.

Agile Transformation Kick-Start Case Study References:

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RSA case study Global Radio case study

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