Leading with an agile mindset

Leading with an agile mindset is a shift in thinking that creates a competitive advantage. It brings people and agile practices to life.​

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The agile mindset is the key to leading change.
The most effective teams have a strong sense of purpose, a diverse ranges of skills, and work in an environment that lets them deliver. It takes an agile mindset to create these conditions.
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Agile Leadership - purpose
Develop simple, meaningful company strategy that sticks in people's mind.
Agile leadership - culture
The biggest impact a leader has is the shared mindset, unspoken rules, and accepted wisdom.
agile leadership collaboration
Creating a collaborative environment is good for business. Innovation and ownership of ideas often translate into tangible benefit.
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Purpose can be meaningful, inspirational
and a motivating catalyst for change
Traditional purpose might be based on targets or goals
"Early on, Paul Allen and I set the goal of a computer on every desk and in every home”​
Bill gates, in an email to staff on Microsoft’s 40th anniversary​
This was bold an ambitious at the time, but targets can sometimes feel a bit flat. Would they have failed if someone found 100 homes or desks without a computer?
When leading with an agile mindset, a focus on “what” (targets) needs to shift to a focus on “why” (purpose)​
"Our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more”
Microsoft’s current mission statement, created by current CEO Satya Nadella​
This shift towards a resonant sense of purpose helps people to get behind an idea. It feels good to be working for an organisation that knows what it’s there for.​
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Leaders create and model organisational culture that shows up in the way people think, speak, and behave.
“How we do things round here” is the set of unspoken rules and beliefs that result in observable behaviours and practices.​
Sometimes, culture can slow things down, inhibit innovation, and allow problems to go unchallenged.
Organisational culture is rooted in the behaviours of leadership teams, which trickle down into the processes and behaviours of everyone else.​
Leading with an agile mindset means making a shift in behaviour.​
It’s a shift from keeping things under control to enabling controlled innovation.​
It’s a shift from risk aversion to high quality decision making.
It’s a shift from giving instructions to building teams that can make decisions.​
An agile mindset is necessary at all levels, but needs to be established through leadership.
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Leaders create the necessary conditions for collaboration, and bring people together to make it happen
Most people are naturally creative, but when they work in isolation the ideas are limited to their own experience.​
Most teams have a natural desire to work together, but when teams are made up of people from similar professional backgrounds, it can be difficult to think of anything new.​
Leading with an agile mindset means connecting people to each other, and to a shared goal.
People are much more successful if they collaborate across an organisation. The role of the leader is to break down barriers and instigate the environments that lead to better ideas.
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