Inclusive Facilitation Playbook

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Agility in Mind created this playbook to help facilitators remove obstacles that prevent people from contributing during workshops, training, or meetings.

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Inclusive Facilitation Playbook

Think of the last event you attended, either as a facilitator or participant. There were probably a few people regularly chipping in, and others who didn’t speak at all.
In a workshop, only a proportion of attendees actively engage, asking questions, challenging the ideas presented, and contributing their own ideas.
That's why Agility in Mind created the Inclusive Facilitation Playbook.

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Why download the Inclusive Facilitations Playbook?

As facilitators, we have sometimes indulged in the view that we’re providing professional training, and attendees need to take responsibility for their own outcomes. However, this is missing a trick. By making the workshop environment more equitable and putting systems in place to help identify and remove forms of exclusion, everyone benefits

Active Attendees

Active attendees get to hear a wider range of ideas

Less Active Attendees

Less active attendees will connect more with the topic


Facilitators will lead more interesting workshops


Included in the Playbook

In this playbook we look at the role of the facilitator. The playbook will establish the mindset that every individual has a unique set of characteristics that may be well or poorly suited to an event you are facilitating. The role of the facilitator is being accountable for removing forms of exclusion and barriers.

  • Top Four Inclusive Workshop Design Principles
  • Top Four Inclusive Live Facilitations Principles
  • Top Four Inclusive Post-Event Inclusion Principles

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